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We love spending the morning or afternoon at an archery course. There is something just so satisfying about lining up to take a shot on target, and hitting a bullseye...or almost bullseye in some cases. There is an archery course just 10 minutes away from the chalet at the Kohlschnait in Bruck, with 30 animal shaped targets scattered through beautiful forest and across peaceful Austrian meadows.


The course offers an archery training ground for learning to shoot or brushing up on skills; a well thought-out route for varying abilities, and a traditional Austrian Alm for breaks and refreshments. It's an easily accessible and fun activity to do on holiday in the area from early spring through to late Autumn.


Whether you're a complete beginner looking to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow for the first time, or a more advanced shooter wanting to refresh their archery skills, you'll find the training ground at the Kohlschnait useful. Located right next the Alm at the start of the archery course, the training ground is in a convenient spot to try a bit of target practice before you set off on your archery adventure. You can get shooting advice from the owners if you need, and the practice area is partly covered too, so can be used irrespective of weather.

Archery on holiday in Austria
Holiday with kids in Zell am See


The archery course at the Kohlschait consists of 30 targets spread across 9 hectares of land. The targets are 3D foam models of all different types of animals, including snakes, deer, and wild boar, giving it an element of make-believe. Some of the targets are large and placed in easily noticeable spots for easy shooting, and others are small and discretely hidden for the more skilled shooter. The variety makes it an activity suited to both adults and children, of differing abilities. 


The course is designed to suit all levels of ability. In addition to the varying target sizes, there are three different ability categories when it comes to the distance you have to cover with your shot, with positions clearly marked with colour coded posts for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Standing at the blue post is recommended for complete beginners and the red for your more confident participant. The black posts indicate the starting position for the more advanced, with IFAA shooting distances. Uphill and downhill targets add another challenge!

Family holiday in Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrasse
Summer holiday in Salzburgerland


What better way to end a morning or afternoon of archery, than tucking in to lunch or dinner at a traditional Austrian Alm. The archery course is situated on the grounds of the Kohlschnait, with the training area conveniently located next to the alm. The course is then passes the alm at the half-way point in case you need a refreshment, and finishes back at the alm so you can grab a bite to eat at the end of your tour. They have a diverse menu of tasty local cuisine, home-brewed beer, and a great beer garden with stunning  mountain views. Picture perfect! 

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