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We love nature. It's the key driving force that made us pack up our lives and start completely afresh in the Austrian Alps, with its abundance of jaw-dropping natural beauty. We love the crisp mountain air on an autumnal day; the glistening waters of the local lakes, and the serene therapeutic powers of the Austrian alpine forests. We love everything about nature and all it has to offer.

We also understand how important it is to do our part to protect what we love. Below are just a few of our 'Green Initiatives' at the chalet, from our operation on renewable energy sources, to how we fund the monthly planting of trees in offsite locations in order to offset our company's C02 footprint. Read below for an overview of some of the Green Initiatives we implement at the chalet.


In summer, we love the chalet grounds to be covered in flowers. It's a quintessentially Austrian sight, and it's great for the bees! We fully understand the need to be mindful of water usage though, so have installed various means of collecting and subsequently storing rainwater across the chalet grounds. These systems ensure that we are able to do most, if not all, of the garden watering from Spring through to Autumn through a renewable rainwater source. This makes sure that the chalet is budding with beautiful summer blooms, yet remains eco-friendly.

Collecting rain water
Growing a mini orchard


We're blessed with well-sized outdoor grounds at the chalet, which we try to utilise as much as possible when it comes to giving back to the environment. One of our latest endeavours is to grow and nurture a mini fruit orchard. Across the chalet grounds are mature apple, plum, pear and cherry trees, as well as a beautiful Elderflower trees. We have recently expanded on this collection with another mini orchard, which consists of more pear trees, Mirabelle plum, peach and purple plum trees. We turn the crops from these fruit trees in to delicious homemade juices, jams, liquors & schnapps that can all be bought and enjoyed whilst on your holiday with us or taken back as gifts for friends & family.


As a business, we fund the planting of trees every month at various off-site locations. We have partnered with the Not-For-Profit company Ecologi for this endeavour. Ecologi have estimated our monthly C02 emissions, and calculated how many trees we would need to plant on a monthly basis, in order to offset these emissions. They then plant the equivalent number of trees for us each month. From every single booking received, we also donate extra money to Ecolgi for the planting of a further 5 trees! If you'd like to see how many trees we have planted in our reforestation efforts, view our Ecologi profile by clicking here.

Reforestion, planting new trees
Chalet run on renewable energy sources


We run the chalet on renewable energy sources where we can. We are enlisted on a Renewable Energy electricity plan with our provider, who supplies us with electricity from 100% renewable sources - including solar, wind, water and biomass. We also have solar panels at the chalet, that heat the chalet water using solar thermal technology. Don't worry, if you're here when it's not that sunny you'll still have warm water! When the water drops to a certain temperature, it switches to being heated by the mains electricity, which is powered through the Renewable Energy Plan. Most of the chalet exterior lighting is powered using solar.


We follow the mantra "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" as much as possible at the chalet. We have ensured that all of the apartments are equipped with the tools necessary to achieve this - everything from reusable Nespresso coffee pods, to refillable soap dispensers filled with eco-friendly products. We of course don't expect there to be no waste from guests, you are here on holiday after all! Rest assured though that whatever waste there is, we'll recycle it for you accordingly, whether that's glass and plastic, card, paper, or bio waste.

Recycling on holiday
Eco-friendly travel on holiday


Travelling in an eco-friendly way for a holiday here couldn't be easier. The chalet is easily accessible by train & bus, so arriving in a more eco-friendly way or travelling green whilst you're here is all possible. As a thank you to guests who travel green and arrive by train or bus, we gift a free bottle of locally sourced wine. We also have bicycles available onsite for rent, which offer another means of green travel whilst you're here. There are charging stations in the centre of Bruck for those travelling by E-car, and in winter we provide guests with bus tokens that offer free, quick and easy travel between the chalet & the local ski areas.


Coinciding with Earth Day 2021 and their Global Clean-up Campaign, we started our own Local Clean-up Initiative at the chalet. The area in which we live in is beautifully pristine of course, but unfortunately people do still litter sometimes. So on the 21st April 2021, we organised our first Local Clean Up in which we spent the afternoon at our favourite lake spots and picked up all of the rubbish we could see and recycled accordingly. As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we pledge to complete at least 2 Local Clean Ups every year. This is a drive to really nurture the local area that we love so much and to help keep it pristine.

Earth Day 2021 Global Clean-up
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