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Salzburgerland is a hikers paradise from spring through to early winter. There are hundreds of hiking trails in the vicinity of the chalet that cater to all ages and levels of fitness. Many hiking trails here take you through beautifully dense forest, near cascading waterfalls, or past pristine alpine lakes. There are always quaint Austrian huts on route, where you can take a break with a Radler in the sun.

The Hohe Tauern National Park is just 10 minutes from the chalet, which is like being transported in to another magical world. A hiker's dream. Below are some of our favourite hikes in the area - there are far too many to list, so just ask if you'd like a little bit more information or some hiking ideas for your holiday.

Hiking in Zell am See


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Whether you're looking for a gentle scenic meander; have young kids that you'd like to keep entertained, or hope to conquer some 3,000m alpine peaks on your holiday, you'll find what you're looking for near the chalet. If you like to set yourself a bit of a challenge whilst on holiday, we run our very own 'Three Peak Challenge' - definitely something to attempt for the thrill seekers amongst us! 

Summer holiday activities for children and families


For Families

There are an abundance of themed hiking trails in the area that offer entertainment for adults and children alike. Schmidolin's 'Baptism of Fire Trail' is a fun children's hiking trail that offers games, activities and puzzles along the way, and is sure to keep kids entertained for hours. The views over Lake Zell are breathtaking, so parents keep entertained too! Near the chalet, we also have a themed 'Ants Trail'; an adventure trail with activities for children and views over the Hohe Tauern mountain range. The Thumersbach Guestbook Trail is another themed walk in the area, with captivating views of Lake Zell, offering insight in to pioneering personalities that influenced our area - a fun walk for the whole family.

Mountain hikes and hiking routes in Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrasse


For Thrill Seekers

Our chalet is lucky enough to enjoy a stunning mountain panorama towards the Hohe Tauern National Park. Each mountain offers its own peak that calls out to be conquered, which we've gradually ticked off over the years. We decided to create our own 'Three Peak Challenge', consisting of three of the best peaks in the vicinity of the chalet, that our guests can attempt to conquer too - the Imbachhorn at 2,470m and the Schafelkopf at 2,266m which can be seen from the chalet apartments, and the Hundstein at 2,117m which is the peak behind the chalet. Should you as our guest manage to conquer all three peaks, we'll give you a bottle of schnapps as a prize to celebrate your impressive victory!

Hiking in the Hohe Tauern National Park


For Nature Lovers

The Hohe Tauern National Park is an oasis of unspoilt nature. Spanning an impressive 1,856km squared, its a paradise for any nature lover. Full of breathtaking mountain ranges, mesmerising waterfalls & rivers, and dramatic glaciers, its not to be missed when holidaying in the area. For the hikers amongst us, the network of hiking trails offers endless entertainment. There are plenty of more tame hikes on the periphery of the National Park, but should you wish to venture further in to the core of the park, make sure to go fully prepared with all necessary hiking equipment. You can also hire a mountain guide, should you wish to venture in to the core of the park, but with trained mountain professionals. 

Hiking in Salzburgerland in Austria
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