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There's something so playful about gliding around an ice-skating rink. Just like flying down the pistes on skis or a snowboard, skating on ice offers a sense of exhilarating freedom. It's a fun activity for the whole family, whether you're already a proficient skater skilled in pirouettes, or are trying it for the first time. There are a number of ice based activities that you can give a go whilst on holiday here - skate at one of our local ice-rinks, do laps on Lake Zell, or head to watch our local ice-hockey team compete for the champions title.

Ice skating Zell am See. Ice skate rental on holiday in the mountains.


If you'd like to do a bit of ice skating whilst on holiday, there are a few options near the chalet. In winter, Bruck has its very own illuminated outdoor iceskating rink in the centre of the village, which is free to use and illuminated. Why not hop on the ice for a few twirls, and then warm up at one of our local restaurants whilst tucking in to some traditional Austrian food. If you'd rather skate at an indoor rink, there is also a larger ice-skating rink in Zell am See, where you hire equipment too.

Austrian lake in winter


Have you ever ice skated on a frozen lake? It's such a surreal experience, and one that you'll always remember. During some winters, our local Lake Zell freezes over, offering people a natural ice-skating rink in the heart of the mountains. Magical! This natural ice-skating playground is totally dependant on the weather each winter. If you're lucky enough to be on holiday here when the lake is frozen, make sure to rent a pair of skates, grab a warm drink, and head down for a few laps of the lake.

Austrian Ice Hockey in Zell am See. Zell am See Eisbären Icehockey team


If you're a fan of your spectator sport, then heading to watch our local Ice Hockey team, the Zeller Eisbärens, compete in the local tournament is a must whilst on your holiday in the area. It's guaranteed to be a fun evening for all - grab a beer and a hot-dog, and get carried away in the competitive cheer. Make sure to check out the game fixtures dates on the club site ahead of your trip to make sure you don't miss the game that's on during your holiday. Fixtures can be found here.

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