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Austria is renowned for its wealth of natural beauty. The rugged mountainous landscape breeds the perfect habitat for impressive gorges and waterfalls, and at the Landhaus Bergner Alm chalet, we're lucky enough to have an abundance of both on our door step. Just 10 minutes from the chalet in the direction of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, is the Walcher Waterfall (Austria's highest cascading waterfall) and the famous Krimml Waterfall is also a short drive away. 

Gorges are also in their abundance near the chalet. The Sigmund-Thun Klamm is a personal favourite, which can be reached in just 10 minutes, and the Lichtenstein Klamm and Seisenbergklamm are also ones not to miss whilst on holiday in the area. We also have lots of secret waterfall spots that we share as top tips with our guests, that are places often missed by tourists in the area.


Just 10 minutes from the chalet in the direction of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, is the Walcher Waterfall. With an accumulative height of 520m, it is considered Austria's tallest waterfall. Although this waterfall is impressive from a distance, the most incredible element is that you can walk behind the cascading waters at the top of the waterfall - something that neither of us have experienced anywhere else. To reach this point you hike from the valley, all the time enjoying stunning views of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Guests often visit this waterfall whilst also visiting the Grossglockner High Alpine Road or the Ferleiten Wildlife and Adventure Park (Wildpark Ferleiten).

Walcher waterfall
Krimml Waterfall


Krimml Waterfall is such in incredible sight and is an absolute must see when on holiday in Salzburgerland. Towering above 380m across three different tiers, and with an average of 5.6m3 of water plummeting down every second, Krimml Waterfall is amongst the largest in Europe. The impressive falls can be observed from the valley floor, or instead along the 4km hiking trail that starts from the valley and continues all the way to the top, with various vantage points of the plummeting waters. There are various spots for refreshments too along the way.


The Hirzbach Waterfall is another incredibly beautiful waterfall that can be reached from the chalet, either by walking, cycling, bus or car. It's a romantic spot in any season, surrounded by alpine forest with a mountainous backdrop. There is a short walk that loops around the waterfall too, called the 'Nepomuk's Path of the Senses', which is a fun trail suitable for all ages, with a pretty vantage point from a suspended bridge. This is a personal favourite of ours. We often stop for a coffee in Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse whilst here too.



The Sigmund-Thun Klamm (gorge) is another personal favourite of ours, which can be reached in just 10 minutes from the Landhaus Bergner Alm chalet. This gorge has a 320m wooden boardwalk suspended in the gorge itself, where you can get up close to the swirling whirlpools of water. At the end of the Sigmund-Thun Klamm is a pristine alpine lake called the Klamsee, which has electric blue glacial waters and multiple  Austrian huts that you can stop at for some traditional Austrian food. This is also a great area for trail running and hiking. Visit our 'Hiking' and 'Trail Running' pages for more information.


The Seisenberg Klamm is another impressive gorge located in Weissbach by Lofer. In 1831 woodcutters constructed a wooden walkway through this 600m gorge which is now open to the public. The Seisenberg Klamm is in a peaceful location, making it such a relaxing place to visit. There are also multiple hikes, cycle routes and traditional Austrian Alms to enjoy in the vicinity of the gorge. Guests often combine a visit to the Seisenberg Klamm, with a visit to a the Lampreschthöhle - a pretty cool cave about 10 minutes from the gorge.

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 12.43_edited.jpg


Throughout the summer months, it is also possible to view the Sigmund-Thun Klamm from a totally different perspective - illuminated in the evening by romantic lights and and flame torches. Walking through the gorge at dusk under the illumination of different light fixtures is absolutely magical, and is such a memorable experience. This is then followed by jacket potatoes and live music around a camp fire, and a walk back to the starting point guided by hand held flame torches. Take a look at the video below from the Zell Am See Tourism office, to get more an idea about this enchanting experience.

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