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There's so much to do in the area that you'll be hard pressed to fit it all in to a weeks' holiday. This is just one of the reasons our guests keep coming back! Not only does the Landhaus Bergner Alm chalet offer ease of access to a large variety of sporting activities, its the perfect starting point for an abundance of excursions and outings. After years of living here, we still haven't made it through even half of what there is do - there's just too many and so little time. In saying that though, we've made good headway & here are a few of our personal favourites.

Driving on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road



The starting point of the world famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road is just 800 metres from our chalet. This 48km stretch of alpine road winds playfully up through the Hohe Tauern National Park, the Alps' largest protected area, to just a stone's throw away from the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner.

Visting the Sigmund Thun Gorge in Kaprun



There are so many natural gorges in the area, it's hard to know where to start! A personal favourite of ours is just a short 10 minute drive from the chalet, called the Sigmund Thun Klamm. This natural beauty boasts whirlpools & waterfalls, all visible from a wooden boardwalk suspended above the wonders below.



The beautiful Lake Zell is just 5 minutes from our chalet. Its crystal clear waters can be easily reached by a short walk, cycle ride or even driving if you prefer. Our nearest swimming area on Lake Zell is also just 5 minutes from here. The impressive Hintersee lake and Jägersee lake are just a short drive away too!

Lake Zell



You're bound to stumble across crystal clear rivers and striking waterfalls when exploring the area. Krimml Waterfalls is one not to miss, which with a height of 380m is considered one of the largest in Europe. Hike all the way to top of the waterfall or simply stand in the wake of the falls to observe this force of nature.

Day trip to a waterfall
Hohe Tauern National Park



Just 10 minutes from the chalet is what is considered the largest National Park in the Alps and also Central Europe; the Hohe Tauern National Park. This nature reserve covers over 1,800 square kilometres of protected land, & is not to be missed when staying in the area. Its beauty is awe inspiring.

Hiking in the Rauriser Urwald Forest



Forests are in an abundance in Austria, which is one of the things that makes it such a special place. There are also preserved & untouched ancient forests nearby, such as the Rauriser Urwald. Visiting any forest is incredibly relaxing, but visiting ancient preserved forests are other-worldly and feel so magical.



The pretty Weißsee Gletcherwelt; the  Kitzsteinhorn glacier and the famous  Pasterze glacier that lies next to the  majestic Grossglockner mountain, are definitely places that should be added to your must-see list in the area. These are serene places, often with electric blue glacial lakes at their wake.

Excursion to the Weissee Glacer whilst on holiday in Austria



The captivating mountain reservoirs of the Kaprun valley have it all - imposing jagged rock faces, crystal clear lakes & breathtaking views. The two man-made reservoirs, the Wasserfallboden & the Mooserboden, offer a Fjord like scenery 2,040m above sea level, reached either by funicular or a beautiful hiking trail.

Hiking at the Mooserboden Stauseen dam in Kaprun
Skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn in Kaprun



The highest accessible viewing platform in the state of Salzburg, the Gipfelwelt 3000, stands at an impressive height of 3,029m. Just a short journey from the chalet, the 'Top of Salzburg' viewing platform on the Kitzsteinhorn gives an unbeatable view over 200 alpine peaks including the Grossglockner mountain.

Daytrip to Salzburg in Austria



Home to the birth of Mozart; traditional Sacher Torte & the first Stiegl brewery, Salzburg is a haven for the foodies and cultural magpies amongst us. Spend a day meandering the quaint streets of this UNESCO World Heritgage Site, or simply enjoy the alfresco dining and coffee culture of this baroque beauty.



If you're seeking historical culture, the state of Salzburgerland is for you. With over 130 castles and palaces scattered across the state, it's easy to feel like you're in a fairytale. Bruck's own castle, Schloss Fischhorn, proudly overlooks Lake Zell, and the medieval Hohe Werfen Castle is just a short drive away.

Visiting castles in Salzburgerland in Austria



The Eisreisenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world, with a total cave length of 42 km. Discovered in 1879, this intricate labyrinth of caves weaves itself through the mountain at 1,656m above sea level. Why not take a tour through these impressive natural ice sculptures and enjoy this otherworldly experience.

Daytrip to the Eisreisenwelt ice caves in Werfen
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