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There are so many things to do on holiday in the area, so it's a good idea to have a rough plan of what you'd like to see whilst you're here, so as to ensure you make the most of your holiday in Austria. To help you with your holiday planning, we decided to put together our "Top 10" list of recommendations, that you can use as the basis of your holiday itinerary. This list by no means covers everything to do in the area, but it's a good start. Enjoy the inspiration & happy holidays. We give plenty more secret insider tips to our guests at check-in, so make sure to stay with us at the Landhaus Bergner Alm to receive insider knowledge on the area as well as our top-secret hidden location gems.

1) Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

The world famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road is consistently ranked as one of the Top 3 must-see attractions in the whole of Austria, and the starting point is just 800 metres from our chalet. This 48km stretch of alpine road winds playfully up through the Hohe Tauern National Park, the Alps' largest protected area, to just a stone's throw away from the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner. Open from May through to late October, this is an absolute must see whilst you're on holiday at the Landhaus Bergner Alm. It's an exhilarating drive, with absolutely breathtaking views.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road
Grossglockner High Alpine Road

2) Hohe Tauern National Park

Just 10 minutes from the chalet is what is considered one of largest national parks in the Alps; the Hohe Tauern National Park. This nature reserve covers over 1,800 square kilometres of protected land and is not to be missed when staying in the area. Peaks towering above 3,000m as far as the eyes can see; cascading waterfalls in every direction, and alpine wildlife roaming the mountains. The rawness of its beauty is awe inspiring. It's a paradise for hikers, so make sure to bring your hiking boots for some epic tours in this national park whilst on holiday here in the heart of Salzburgerland. For more information on hiking opportunities at the Landhaus Bergner Alm chalet, take a look at the 'Hiking' page on our website.

3) Lake Zell (Zeller See)

There's something so relaxing about watching the sun glisten on fresh alpine waters, or hearing waves gently lap against a lake shoreline. That's why heading to the waters of Lake Zell, just 5 minutes from the chalet, is one of our favourite things to do irrespective of season. There are plenty of access points where you can jump in the lake for a swim in summer, and bathing areas around the lake where you can relax for hours in the sun. There are also plenty water based activities to be enjoyed at Lake Zell, such as stand-up paddle boarding, boat rides and water skiing. Take a look at the 'Swimming' and 'Water Sports' pages on our website to get more of an idea of the water based activities to be enjoyed here in summer. In winter, Lake Zell is equally as beautiful! Why not wrap up warm and go for a stroll along the snowy lakeside promenade, and perhaps stop off in the quaint town of Zell am See for a warming hot chocolate too!

4) Schmittenhöhe (1965m)

The Schmittenhöhe is a beautiful family-friendly mountain near the chalet, with plenty to see and do every time of year. You can hike from the bottom of the valley, or alternatively take the gondola to the top, to experience incredible views over Lake Zell and towards the Hohe Tauern National Park. At the top there are numerous breathtaking panorama trails, and fun themed walks for children. It's an amazing mountain for skiing too with tree lined slopes and beautiful alpine views. The nearest life from the Landhaus Bergner Alm chalet to access the ski area of the Schmittehöhe is just 8 minutes away. For more details on skiing near the chalet, take a look at our 'Skiing' page.

5) Sigmund‑Thun Klamm

There are so many natural gorges in the area, it's always a challenge to say which one we prefer. A personal favourite of ours is just a short 10 minute drive from the chalet, called the Sigmund Thun Klamm, where you can walk through the 320m gorge on a wooden boardwalk that is suspended over the whirlpools of water below. At the end of the gorge, there is an alpine lake called the Klamsee which has electric blue glacial waters. How dreamy! This is a spot where we absolutely LOVE to go trail running. Take a look at the 'Trail Running' page on our website for more information on the Sigmund-Thun Klamm trail run, and other personal favourites near the chalet.

6) Krimml Waterfalls

Krimml Waterfalls is an attraction in Salzurgerland that should not be missed. This dramatic waterfall has a height of 380m and is considered one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. You can hike all the way to top of the waterfall to enjoy the various different vantage points, or simply stand in the wake of the falls and watch the incredible forces of nature at work. Krimml Waterfalls is easily reachable by car or the local train, the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn, both of which take you on a beautiful journey through the Saalzach valley.

7) Kitzsteinhorn, 3203m, Salzburg

We love the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier for its rugged beauty. In winter, the Kitzsteinhorn offers skiable terrain as early as October, through to the end of the season in May. The runs are varied, from easy family‑friendly blues, to exhilarating Freeride areas and off‑piste possibilities. The Kitzsteinhorn is great in summer for hiking & mountain biking too, which an extensive network of trails. Visit our 'Skiing' page to find out more about skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn, or our 'Hiking' page for an overview of summer hiking possibilities.

8) Stausee Mooserboden

The captivating mountain reservoirs of the Kaprun valley have it all ‑ imposing jagged rock faces, crystal clear lakes & breathtaking views. The two man‑made reservoirs, the Wasserfallboden & the Mooserboden, offer a Fjord like scenery 2,040m above sea level, reached either by funicular or a beautiful hiking trail. There is so much impressive nature to see in this area, that it is a full days worth of sightseeing.

9) Eisreisenwelt (Ice World)

The Eisreisenwelt is considered the largest ice cave in the world, with a total cave length of 42 km. Discovered in 1879, this intricate labyrinth of caves weaves itself through the mountain at 1,656m above sea level. You can take guided group tours through parts of the cave, illuminated by flame torches. Entering in to the ice caves feels like you're being transported to another world, and promises to be a holiday experience that you won't forget whilst staying at the Landhaus Bergner Alm.

10) Hohenwerfen Castle

With over 130 castles and palaces scattered across the state, it's easy to feel like you're in a fairytale in Salzburgerland. Bruck's own castle, Schloss Fischhorn, proudly overlooks Lake Zell and the town of Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrasse. The medieval Hohenwerfen Castle is just a short drive away, and is worth a visit. The stunning Hohenwerfen castle stands atop a forested mountain overlooking the valley, with stunning views in every direction. In December they have a magical Christmas market in the castle courtyard, and in spring, summer and autumn, they have regular events for all ages. Filled with history and striking architecture, this is definitely one for the to‑do list.


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Hohewerfen Castle in Salzburgerland
Hohewerfen Castle in Salzburgerland


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