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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


The alarm went off at 5am. It was pitch black outside and 3 degrees. Our natural instinct should have been to stay curled up in the cosy chalet until a more respectable hour. Instead, on this particular crisp September morning, we decided to drag ourselves out of bed, pile on the layers of clothing, and set off on our Honda Hornet motorbike in search of a spectacular sunrise. We totally hit the jackpot.

Our pre-dawn motorbike adventure saw us set off in complete darkness, and wind up the world famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road (Großglockner Hochalpenstraße) that starts just 800 metres from the chalet. The silence of the night was filled only by the chattering of our teeth in the fresh early morning air, the gentle revving of the Honda Hornet engine, and the occasional 'WHOOPING' of excitement from under our helmets.

As we climbed in altitude, each hairpin turn on this incredible high alpine road seemed to deliver a new level of lightness to the sky. A new day was being born.

We reached our planned destination the Edelweiss Spitze standing at an incredible 2,571m, just as the sky was beginning to turn. Over the next hour as we nibbled on pre-packed breakfast pastries and sipped piping hot coffee, the sky transformed in waves through magical hues of orange, pink & yellow.

We were lucky enough to catch this painter's palette scene on camera. More importantly though, it's something that has been etched in to our memories forever.


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