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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


As a couple, we both love doing adventurous things, and are always thinking of ways to explore more and how to get that adrenaline buzz. Whether that's climbing to the highest peak, camping in the wilderness, or canyoning in local gorges, we always seem to either be doing something adventurous or planning something adventurous. Some people call us crazy...but to us, our crazy is totally normal. Life is all about perspective as they say!

This ski tour was no different. Since we'd moved to Austria, we'd been keen to do a winter ski tour to watch a sunrise at the top of a mountain, and the day for that sunrise had arrived. Naturally this meant a ridiculously early start. When the alarm went off at 5am, we both moaned begrudgingly at the thought of heading out in total darkness in minus 15 degrees, but excitement and adrenaline quickly took over. We piled on the layers, grabbed our pre-packed rucksacks, ski touring equipment and coffees, and shot out the door. The race against the clock was officially on!

When we started our expedition in Zell am See, a magical freezing fog had set over the valley floor. Frozen particles were suspended in the air, illuminated like glitter by the soft glow of our head torches. As we followed the torch lights guiding our way, we periodically chanted to each other "dig, dig, dig". Driving each other on as the minutes on the clock quickly ticked past, and the imminent sunrise grew ever closer. Anyone in earshot would've probably thought some sort of mountain ritual was happening, but alas, it was just the Skrzypeks on a serious sunrise mission.

It was a work-out to say the least, as we practically ran up the Schmittenhöhe mountain in all of our ski touring gear. But we made it, and had definitely earned all of the delicious goodies that I had snuck in to my rucksack. As we stood there tucking in to our breakfasts with soothingly warm cups of tea, we watched the crest of the sun slowly rise over the mountainous horizon, and the sky burst in to a beautiful display of colours.

Type 2 fun addicts (you know who you are!)....the next time you stay at the chalet, you should definitely reach for your skis & skins and give this one a go. It won't disappoint, we promise.


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