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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


On October 13th, 2020, Chris and I woke up at the crack of dawn, our bellies full of excitement and our eyes glistening with glee...which meant one thing, the ski season had begun!

With steady snow forecast, we'd earmarked the 13th of October as our first day to hit the slopes up on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacial Ski Resort. It's hard to explain the sheer excitement that bubbles up within at the anticipation of hitting the slopes the next day. I suppose if you know, you know, and if you don't, then its definitely something to make sure you experience. Imagine little kids on Christmas Eve, so excited about what the next day might hold they literally feel as though they might explode!

In full anticipation of the fun day ahead, we'd laid out all of our ski gear in neat little piles the night before, packed snacks and goodies for a full day on the slopes, and positioned our ski passes in prime location on the mantelpiece. Given that we woke up so early, we had to wait with bated breath whilst sipping on cups of coffee until a more respectable hour came around...the whole time, staring longingly out of the chalet window towards the ski area.

When it was time to leave, we piled on our gear and ran out of the chalet front door. Just 15 minutes later we walked through the gondola turnstiles and started our ascent up to the Kitzsteinhorn winter wonderland. Boy did it take our breath away! The trees on the way up were sprinkled with snow, like sparkling icing sugar dusted on a cake. And there was so much fresh powder we felt like we were skiing on clouds. It was such beautiful conditions we skied for hours and hours, only pausing to quench our thirst with tasty spiced Glühwein.

Needless to say, our first day on the slopes was incredible. Like everything else in this world though, it's usually even better if you can share the joy with others too. In light of this, we have extended our flexible cancellation policy to also include the upcoming winter season, in the hope that it offers you as our guests more ease of mind when booking your winter holiday. Our flexible booking and cancellation policy consists of the following:

  • We are taking a 30% deposit within 1 week to secure a reservation.

  • However, we are offering a free cancellation up to 8 days prior to arrival should a guest not be able to carry out their holiday with us due to the following three COVID-19 reasons only: 1) The chalet is required to close; 2) The Austrian borders are closed and you cannot reach the chalet to complete the holiday, or 3) The country of Austria imposes a COVID-19 travel restriction for your country of origin, that enforces a 2 week quarantine upon your arrival in Austria and you therefore cannot take your holiday with us. This is only applicable should the travel restriction be in place for your booked holiday dates.

  • Should a guest cancel before 8 days of arrival due to the above 3 COVID-19 reasons, we will refund the 30% deposit in full and the outstanding balance of 70% is not due.

  • The balance of 70% is due only 7 days before the check-in date.

  • If a guest cancels within 7 days of arrival due to the above COVID-19 reasons, the guest has two options: 1) Receive a Travel Voucher for the total amount paid, which is redeemable within one year and subject to date availability. Should the new date rates be of a higher value, the monetary difference will need to be paid. Should you not be able to redeem your holiday within a year, the voucher is not exchangeable for cash. 2) Receive a 50% refund of the total amount paid.

  • Should a cancellation be made for reasons outside of the above three mentioned COVID-19 reasons, our standard cancellation policy as outlined in the Terms & Conditions Point 1 applies.

We hope this offers you as our guests more confidence to book your winter holiday, and hope to welcome you this season to share this winter wonderland with with us.


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