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Schmidolin is the Schmittenhöhe's very own little dragon. He lives high up in the forests of the Schmittenhöhe mountain, in a fortress made of wood. Every night he flies in the skies above, circling over the valley to keep an eye on the people living below. He can get a little lonely up on the Schmittenhöhe mountain though, and just loves it when children come to keep him company. He also still can't breath fire either, which is crazy for a little dragon, so he needs all of the help he can get to try and learn!

So in order to entice children to help him, he built his very own adventure world deep in the forests of the Schmittenhöhe mountain - The Baptism of Fire Family Hiking Trail. Or at least this is the story that you can tell your children whilst on holiday in the region...

The Baptism of Fire themed hiking trail has 15 different activity stations, that are sure to be a highlight for children when on holiday in the area. The stations offer exciting challenges and puzzles as well as climbing stations in the trees, slides and a flying fox. There is also a Dragon's Cave, a castle and a ship by the Plettsaukopf Reservoir that are waiting to be explored, as well as an E-Motorcross Park. The answers to the challenges can be documented on an activity pass, and handed in at the end of the day to get a little gift from Schmidolin as thank you for helping him learn how to breath fire.

Take a look at the map below for more information on the different stages of this family hike:

Baptism of Fire Trail on the Schmittenhöhe

How to get to Schmidolin's Adventure World:

  • Ascent with areitXpress

  • Ascent with cityXpress and hike over route 56

  • Hike on foot from the valley via the following routes:

    • 50 and 56,

    • 57, 50 and 56,

    • 57, 52, 53 and 56 as well as

    • 54, 53 and 56,

    • 52, 53 and 56,

    • over 51

Other Adventure Trails in the area:

Why not also try some of the other themed trails for children and family hikes in the holiday region of Zell am See and Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrasse. A few of the other great themed trails in the vicinity of the chalet are the Ants Trail by the Moosalm above Bruck, the Nepomunks Path of Senses in Fusch and the Marterlweg in Fusch. All of these trails offer so much fun for children and adult alike, and are sure to keep your children entertained whilst on holiday here.


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