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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


If you're longing for a magical winter walk, look no further than the enchanting historic spa centre of Bad Fusch. With its flowing natural springs, picturesque snow-covered chapels, and dramatic mountainous landscapes, it really is like a scene from an Austrian fairy tale - our very own winter wonderland.

At 1,200m, this picturesque spot used to be a sought after spa retreat, known for its healing properties as early as the 15th Century. It had its heyday back in the 18th & 19th Centuries, as the frequented destination for respected artists, nobility, and other members of the Austrian gentry. Although the spa resort itself has long since closed, much of its captivating beauty still remains and the healing powers of its natural spring waters are still renowned.

Although a great destination in those warmer summer months, we can't quite get over just how beautifully serene the area is in winter. A secluded alpine retreat just a stones' throw away from the chalet, and in our eyes, the perfect place to celebrate the Third Advent. We meandered through the snow covered forest trails; drank fresh spring water, and ate Lebkuchen by the lake. Just magical. To top it all off, the bells of the chapel even serenaded us with a bewitching harmony that echoed through the mountains. Totally captivating, and totally unforgettable.


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