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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


We're lucky enough to have one of the only 5 pitstops of the annual Freeride World Tour just a short drive from the chalet. We were super excited to see it this year as the line-up promised to offer impressive tricks, daring dives and speed that's hard to maintain on groomed slopes let alone in knee-high powder. It most definitely didn't disappoint!

With recent fresh snowfall and brilliant blue skies, this Bluebird day offered absolutely epic conditions for the competition. Although the extreme backcountry and high-mountain conditions got even the spectators adrenaline pumping, the athletes kept delivering trick after trick. Grabs, spins, twists and flips - you name it, they nailed it. We will most definitely be going back next year to see what the Freeride World Tour 2021 competition brings.


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