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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


We love nature and all it has to offer. Access to nature is one of the key motivations that drove us to move to the Austrian Alps. The activities, the views, and most importantly, how nature makes us just feel so alive. We also understand how important it is to do our part to protect what we love. The situation surrounding Covid-19 for the last year has highlighted to us even more just how important it is for us to do what we can, where we can. That’s why for the last 12 months, we have been developing and implementing our Sustainability Strategy at the Landhaus Bergner Alm Chalet. And we thought what better way to announce it than Earth Day (happy Earth Day 2021, yay!).

We have developed and implemented various 'Green Initiatives' including running the chalet more on renewable energy sources; the planting of our very own fruit orchard on the chalet grounds, and the monthly funding of reforestation at offsite locations in order to offset our company's C02 footprint. We have also invested in bicycles for the chalet to give our guests the option to travel green whilst on holiday here, and have upgraded the apartments to include more eco-friendly products and equipment. These are just a few initiatives in our Sustainability Strategy, so if you’d like to learn more visit the Sustainability section on our website:

To further support Earth Day in particular and its 2021 theme “Restore our Earth”, we have also interpreted some of the key categories of the 2021 Earth Day Campaign, and implemented them in our own way right here at the chalet:

  1. ‘The Canopy Project’ (Plant more trees): As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we’ve funded the planting of 124 trees offsite so far. Our reforestation efforts will be part of a continuous drive, in which we will be funding the planting of new trees every single month. We have partnered with a company called Ecologi who have estimated our companies CO2 footprint - we then plant enough trees with them every month to offset these emissions. For every booking we receive from this point moving forward, we will be planting an additional 5 trees. That's right, for every single booking :)

  2. ‘Food & Environment’ (Your Footprint): We’ve planted a mini Orchard at the chalet, an herb garden, and are developing a vegetable patch area. The produce from these crops will be used to create goods for our guests such as jams and juices that can be enjoyed whilst on holiday. You can’t get more local than that when it comes to enjoying your consumable goods whilst on holiday!

  3. ‘The Great Global Clean-up’: In support of the Earth Day 2021 Global Clean Up campaign, we organised our own Local Clean-up right here in Austria this week. You can see some photos from this Local Clean Up below. Our part of Austria is SO pristine, but unfortunately some people do still litter. As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we pledge to complete at least two of these local clean ups every year. Every little helps as they say!


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