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As many of you will already know, Chris and I try to do our part to give nature a helping hand. We moved to the mountains because of our love for nature, and everything it has to offer. We respect how powerful nature can be, but we also equally understand just how delicate it is at times, and how much of a role people need to play in preserving its beauty.

A couple of years ago, we introduced our Sustainability Strategy at the Landhaus Bergner Alm, that ensures a continued commitment to being environmentally friendly as a business. Our Sustainability Strategy covers a multitude of green initiatives, such as our operation on renewable energy sources, rainwater collection and utilisation, and local clean up programs.

Reforestation is also a central part of our strategy. Since the Sustainability Strategy was first launched a couple of years ago, we have funded the planting of a tree for every single booking received at the Landhaus Bergner Alm. Yep you read that right, a tree for every single booking! We're proud to announce that as a business, through partnership with the reforestation not-for-profit organisation Ecologi, we have now funded the planting of 743 trees at various offsite locations. To see how these forests are growing, visit our Ecologi business profile.

To further our reforestation efforts, we are also on a mission to plant even more trees on the grounds of our holiday hut in Tirol, Hütte Waldzeit. Hütte Waldzeit is already surrounded by beautiful forest, but in our opinion, there can never be enough trees! So in celebration of Earth Day 2023 and this year's Earth Day theme of 'Invest in our Planet', we've also invested in 5 new Norway Spruce trees and planted them at Hütte Waldzeit. Not only are Norway Spruce trees aesthetically beautiful, they're also rockstars at absorbing CO2 emissions, so contribute in leaps and bounds to help offset the CO2 emissions of our business. We plan to continue planting trees on the grounds of Hütte Waldzeit, and are so excited to watch the forest grow! Take a at look below at a few photos of our ever expanding forest at Hütte Waldzeit.

In addition to investing in various reforestation efforts, over the last few years we have also been making the transition to using more environmentally friendly products for cleaning at both the Landhaus Bergner Alm chalet and Hütte Waldzeit. We are proud to announce that as of April 22nd 2023, in further celebration of Earth Day, we have made the full transition to using eco-friendly cleaning products from the supplier Planet Pure. Planet Pure offer cleaning products that are highly effective at removing bacteria, yet are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are produced locally in Austria and the ingredients are made from organic natural materials with biodegradable formulas, and without harsh non-biodegradable chemicals. Their products also come in packaging made from recycled materials, and the large selection of refill options at their in-store refill stations offer freedom from single-use plastics.

Our holiday chalet in Tirol


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