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  • Landhaus Bergner Alm


From the chalet you can see some pretty epic mountains in every direction. The Imbachhorn and the Schneespitze to the right; towards the beautiful mountain ranges of the Hohe Tauern National Park straight ahead, and then to the left, the Three Brothers. Now the Three Brothers has its name, as it's a range that consists of three high-mountain peaks, standing proud in unity to strike fear in the hearts of all! Or at least that's how we tell the tale...

Since we moved here, every day we'd look out of the chalet and see the Three Brother mountains luring us, calling out our names. There's a saying that we love - 'the mountains are calling, and I must go'. In this case it was taunting us to get motivated and conquer that beast! So on a beautiful summer's day in the summer just gone, after downing coffees, devouring energy bars, and checking our safety packs for the 100th time, we set out on our 10 hour trek to conquer the peaks.

The challenge did not disappoint. After hours of hiking higher and higher over rock fields and through beautiful forests, we reached the entry point to the Three Brother's trail. That's where we saw the first warning sign - to continue you must be sure-footed and have no fear of heights. We'd of course advise people to take these signs seriously, as do we, but as we're both confident in these situations, we continued on our challenge. What followed was what can only be described as high alpine terrain. Scrambling up rock faces and hours of ridge walking with sudden drops either side - an exhilarating experience offering panoramic views over Salzburgerland and the Hohe Tauern National park, as well as a cracking birds eye view over Bruck.

Now every time we look out of the chalet we feel an element of satisfaction. We conquered the Three Brothers. And this is actually how we came to design our logo! Each point on our logo represents a peak of the Three Brothers. It acts as a reminder of the challenge of conquering the three peaks, and that you really can do anything you put your mind to.


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